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Custom LEGO compatible design service

Alongside our online shop, we can also do commissions for specific customer needs. We can provide custom designed wheels and rods in any size.

As a part of this service we will design your idea to fit within the LEGO system and share the design with you. Once you are happy with the design we will print and test the product before sending it out to you.


If you’re looking for a specific product,  fill in the order form below and we’ll get back to you with a custom order quotation.

Get a Quote for Custom Orders

If we don't offer exactly what you are looking for we can provide a quote for custom orders.
Examples include:

  • New Wheel Design (e.g. more accurate to the prototype)

  • Wheels with holes for 2mm metal axle

  • Connecting/Coupling Rods with custom spacing and/or design

If you want a specific wheel or rod modelled please provide a URL in the order form.

Thanks for submitting!
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