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Pair of 11L Rods with 3 holes

Pair of 11L Rods with 3 holes


A pair of 11L Connecting/Coupling Rods with 3 holes.

Distance between holes = 5 studs

All rods are thinner than a thin technic lift arm so that they do not rub on the wheels when in use. This allows you to customise your wheel rims with paint or marker pen without needing to touch them up after use.

  • Distance between holes - 40mm

    Width - 3.5mm

    Compatibility - LEGO, Lepin, Mould King, CaDA etc

    All products are made using a 3D printer and resin (photopolymer). This allows there to be minimal tooling costs so we can offer a wide range of products compared to injection molding. For more details about the manufacturing process, please see the FAQs. 

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